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One Step SMS Wrap (Double Layer)


40/60gsm non woven SMS paper

  • Soft and flexible with superior breathability
  • Odorless, Non-Toxic
  • Does not contain any fiber or powder
  • Available Colors: Blue, Green or White
  • Suitable for EO, Steam and Plasma sterilization
  • Compliant with EN868 standard
  • Regular Sizes: 60cmx60cm, 75cmx75cm, 90cmx90cm, 100cmx100cm, 120cmx120cm


Products that Will Last Long and Will Make You Our Regular Customers

For all the healthcare professionals and practitioners out there who are out of sterilizing equipments like a one stem sms wrap, it is a difficult time because not only do they have to choose from what’s available in the market, but they also have to choose the best supplier. And that’s why they always trust the products that are CSSD sterilization packaging approved.

Although it isn’t imperative for them to go for this, but they end up doing so because it’s the only way of choosing the best platform that is selling sterilizing equipments. However, the sad part is that it still doesn’t guarantee that they’ll end up landing on the perfect company. That’s why they go for companies that have a strong customer base.

How to give healthcare professionals what they are looking for

We at Hopeway, think that all the customers are same when it comes to the products; that why we don’t really have a strategy that bifurcates our notions about non-health care and healthcare professionals. All we want to do; is provide top-notch sterilization products to everyone who wants them.

Should you take a chance on trusting us?

We proudly claim that we stand strong on all the grounds; be it having a loyal customer base, a strong and wide product lineup, a rich experience, or being the best in our field. Our products have the finest medical packaging and medical grade built, so that our customers don’t have to worry about quality, spillage, or contamination of any kind.

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