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Autoclave Indicator Tape

For Steam Sterilization

Indicator color is changed from Light Yellow to Black after sterilization

Superior adhesive performance

Easy to use, no residues after remove

Regular sizes: 12mmx50m, 19mm×50m, 25mm×50m.


Buying sterilized equipment now made easy!

Requirement of sterilized equipment always arise in many niches in the global market, which means they aren’t only limited to healthcare sector. It is known for a fact that some products like an autoclave indicator tape is used in both healthcare and industrial areas. Therefore, the demand might come from different parties too. However, the need for it is the same in all the areas.

Why is a good quality steam sterilization indicator tape required?

Before we get to the answer of this question, we firstly need to understand what exactly is it that this tape does, because that’s where all its importance is seated. This tape is specifically designed to identify containers that are needed to be sterilized; and they aren’t only restricted to medical or industrial use. The autoclave indicator tape can also be used in laboratories and clinics as well.

A good quality tape is able to withstand sterilization done by hot autoclaves, and leaves no residue. Therefore, if you’re looking for one, you should get it from a platform that offers you top-notch quality.

Where can you get it from?

If top-notch quality is what you’re looking for, Hopeway is the place for you. The autoclave indicator tape that we offer comes with the finest color changing strips to let you know when the sterilization cycle has been completed.

Apart from that, our tape also has a superior adhesive grip and leaves no residue, so there’s neither an issue of contamination from it, nor it is difficult to use.

So, if you are looking for a platform that sells the best sterilized products, you can choose Hopeway, as we not only offer the autoclave indicator tape, but we also offer autoclave pouch so that you can easily pour in the sterilizing agent to any product that you want sterilized.

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