Who We Are

Established in 1998, Hopeway Group is a well-known, professional medical sterilization packaging and medical disposables manufacturer. Since our inception, we have built strong partnerships with many global hospitals, dental clinics and medical device factories. Our dedicated focus on sterilization solutions has garnered industry wide recognition for our commitment, specialty, and excellent service. We proudly provide our customers around the globe with our innovative, medical packaging solutions and disposable products.

Through several years of development and refinement, Hopeway currently has two mature and efficient production facilities: Nantong Hopeway Enterprises Co., Ltd. and Nantong Fuhua Medical Packing Co., Ltd. Both factories are designed and operated according to ISO13485: 2016 standards. Hopeway Enterprises focuses on medical disposables, such as Non-Woven Face Masks, Bleached Cotton Gauze, Caps, Surgical Gowns, etc. Fuhua Medical specializes in medical sterilization packaging products and other CSSD hospital items. All of our products are stringently manufactured according to EN868/ISO11607 requirements.

In 2012, Hopeway B.V. was founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to become Hopeway's new product research and sales center for the European market. With a new registered trademark "", Hopeway continues to provide the most advanced and high-quality products to our valued customers and partners.

Hopeway has established a steady and strong relationship with many top material suppliers. We offer short lead times, un-biased raw materials advice, and experienced staff to assist with every stage from design to delivery. Hopeway welcomes every partner and we make progress together!

Our Mission

Offer advanced products and services to global hospitals, dental clinics and device manufacturers.

Create more values for our respected customers.

Improve and grow with our partners, staff and suppliers.