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Hopeway has been committed to innovating and manufacturing medical packaging and professional sterilization solutions for more than 20 years. Since our inception, we have built strong partnerships with many global hospitals, dental clinics and medical device companies. Our sterilization solutions have garnered industry wide recognition due to our commitment, specialty and excellent service. We are proud to provide our customers around the world with our innovative medical packaging and sterilization solutions.


In 2012, our European sales center was founded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The registered trademark “AMD” was created to European and worldwide partners. Leveraging our storied expertise in packaging, Hopeway expanded into servicing the pharmaceutical industry, a natural extension of our existing sterilization packaging solutions, and producing products for the pharmaceutical industry, a natural extension of our existing sterilization packaging solutions.


From raw material selection to production process to the finished product, Hopeway has established a very stringent tracking system to make sure we are in full compliance of EN868, ISO11607, ISO11140 and related international standards.

Highly skilled research teams, advanced testing technology and complete data statistics ensure that the packaging; from particle content, microbial limit, leakage, tensile strength, explosion to other physical properties meet the requirements of multiple medical device sterilization packaging regulations.

Hopeway is a certified Quality Management Systems operator under EN ISO13485:2016 regulations, and our certified clean rooms (100.000 level, 10.000 and 100 level) ensure that all our production environments comply with medical GMP standards. As a Hopeway customer, you can always rely on our medical packaging products to be of the highest caliber.


Change the world with innovative, outstanding sterilization packaging solutions and change the world with outstanding sterilization packaging solutions” We strive to provide the highest quality packaging solutions to our customers and partners, and together grow with them with our experience, technology and dedication.


Hopeway values every customer and partner and wishes to establish a win-win long term relationship with them. In order to offer short lead times, professional raw material advice and assist customers on every stage from design to delivery, Hopeway has established a steady and strong partnership with many top material suppliers, including Dupont, Tempil and Sterimed. As an authorized converter of Dupont for Tyvek Medical & Pharmaceutical Protection, Hopeway is constantly expanding within the high end packaging field.

European Company

Our European company” Hopeway B.V.” is in charge of business development for the European markets. With the registered trademark “AMD”

China Manufacturing Center

Established in 1998, Hopeway Group currently has two mature and efficient production facilities: Nantong Hopeway Enterprises Co.,

US Representative Office

Based in Pasadena, California, Hopeway’s US Representative Office services the Americas to develop new partnerships and provide support to existing customers. We welcome you to contact us at tony@nthopeway.com.


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